Make the building truly "smart"
With the development of information technology, building intelligent engineering has experienced a development process from independent sub-system operation to IBMS customized integration platform. In recent years, with the continuous changes in building construction, use, and especially operational requirements, traditional customized integration solutions have become increasingly difficult to meet the increasing needs of various aspects. The prominent contradiction is reflected in: the linkage function is difficult to clarify in the preliminary design and in-depth design process , During the implementation process, it is not easy to adjust the equipment and functions, the implementation process is long, the use, maintenance and function adjustment are difficult after the handover of operation, etc., as smart cities and smart parks are easy to implement and easy to use. With the continuous improvement of requirements for openness and ease of maintenance, traditional integration solutions have become increasingly difficult to meet the above-mentioned related requirements. IBT makes full use of three-dimensional modeling technology (BIM) and the latest cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and cloud platforms to provide users with a package of smart building weak current system solutions from top-level planning to program design, specific implementation, and final delivery and operation and service. It thoroughly overcome the shortcomings of traditional integrated platform design, such as cumbersome design, difficult interface development, long implementation period, difficult use and maintenance, etc., realize the data fusion of underlying "ubiquitous perception" through the Internet of Things technology, and realize "what you see is what you get" through BIM+FM technology with its three-dimensional management, monitoring, and operation functions, it uses big data and cloud platform technology to achieve flexible linkage control strategies, and combines advanced industrial control technology to achieve the optimal implementation of cross-system linkage—centralized supervision and decentralized control. Using our smart building solutions, construction and operation units can easily realize system management and operation. While operation and maintenance are simple and easy, they can flexibly adjust and modify cross-system linkage strategies according to their needs, so as to truly realize "what you need is what you get" and the "smart" function of smart buildings.
Smart Building Application Cases
Build a green data room and monitoring operation center
IBT's data room and monitoring operation center solutions adopt 3D modeling technology and Internet of Things technology to create a high-quality, safe and reliable monitoring operation management platform for users. Through the Internet of Things design scheme, the engine room power system (including power supply and distribution, uninterrupted power supply, standby diesel power generation, etc.) and environmental systems (including precision constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, water leakage detection, temperature and humidity detection, fire protection, lighting, etc.) are realized from the bottom ), security systems (closed circuit monitoring, access control, anti-theft alarm, intrusion detection, etc.), integrated wiring systems (power busbars and cables, communication cables and optical cables, electronic distribution frames, etc.) underlying data fusion and flexible control linkage, through The integrated platform of monitoring, management and operation of BIM technology, combined with large screen system, splicing wall system and human-computer interaction terminal, realizes all-round and three-dimensional visual monitoring, management, operation and maintenance of data room and monitoring operation center. IBT's "data room, monitoring and operation center" solution provides a comprehensive solution from planning, design, implementation, handover to operation and maintenance. According to the needs of the owner's construction scale and phased construction, our company can provide a unified construction plan and a full-phase construction plan, which can not only fully meet the current requirements of the computer room and center, but also provide sufficient function reservations for future expansion.
Data Center Application Cases
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