Tanglang Depot of Shenzhen Metro Line 5



Project Introduction:

Tanglang Depot and Comprehensive Base are the main vehicle base of Line 5, which is connected after Changlingpi Station. It is equipped with parking train inspection warehouse, maintenance warehouse (including material warehouse), washing garage, joint garage, and vehicles. Main single buildings such as section complex building, depot DCC, traction step-down hybrid substation. This project is only the depot complex building, which includes the main building and the annex building. The building height is 99.5 meters and the total construction area is 59,429 square meters. It belongs to a class of high-rise buildings.

Project Content:

Subsystems of this project include: 1. Integrated wiring system; 2. Computer network system; 3. Cable TV system; 4. Background music and emergency broadcasting system; 5. Integrated security system; 6. Fire and fire alarm system; 7. Fire automatic alarm system; 8. Multimedia conference system; 9. Power supply and UPS uninterrupted power supply system; 10. Lightning protection grounding system; 11. Computer room engineering; 12. Building integrated management system, etc.

Add.:6th Floor, Building 6, Shenzhen Software Park, Keji Middle 2nd Road, High-Tech Zone, Yuehai Sub-District, Nanshan District, Shenzhen