OPPO (Chongqing) Intelligent Ecological Science & Technology Park



Project Introduction:                         

The first phase of the OPPO (Chongqing) Intelligent Ecological Science & Technology Park project is located in the Chongqing Airport Frontier Science & Technology City. The Chongqing Airport Frontier Science & Technology City is an advanced manufacturing base built by Chongqing, a strategic platform for the national airport economic demonstration zone and the core engine of the manufacturing area. OPPO (Chongqing) Intelligent Ecological Science & Technology Park is a key project of OPPO (Chongqing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. It is planned to undertake nearly one-third of the company's production tasks after completion. It is an important portal for OPPO to reflect technology, information and modernization. It is also a paradise where tens of thousands of OPPO employees work and live.

Project Content:

Building equipment integrated management system, energy management system, cold and heat source metering management system, video security monitoring system, entrance and exit control system, wireless intercom system, perimeter prevention and alarm system, parking lot management system, intelligent visitor system, integrated wiring system, computer network and wireless local area network system, cloud desktop office system, public appointment sharing system, information release and guidance system, intelligent welcome system, background music system, sound interference shielding system, computer room engineering, IDC, data center, smart park management platform, etc.

Add.:6th Floor, Building 6, Shenzhen Software Park, Keji Middle 2nd Road, High-Tech Zone, Yuehai Sub-District, Nanshan District, Shenzhen